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42U Server Cabinets - Industry Best

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300m HDMI Extender over Fiber Optics

HDMI Extenders, Cat6 HDMI Extenders, HDMI Repeaters, and more

Unbeatable Prices!
Fast Deliveries
HDMI Wholesale Available

Custom Cable Manufacturing for OEM & ODM Markets
Custom Computer & Networking Accessories
 Design, Rapid Prototypes, Manufacturing

One of our key specialties is custom cable manufacturing for OEM and ODM markets. We also offer manufacturing services for custom computer and networking accessories.  We cater to the specific needs of our customers in the computer, electronic, audio, communications, industrial, automotive, instrumentation, and medical equipment industries. We have developed a tradition of high-tech engineering, prototyping, quality manufacturing, and very competitive pricing.

Through many years of designing and manufacturing custom cable products and accessories, we have established ourselves as a national and international leader in low, medium and high volume cable manufacturing.  We use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and tooling and high quality cable and components. In addition, our highly skilled manufacturing and engineering staff ensures your products meet and exceed your requirements as well as all applicable industry standards.

Our custom cable manufacturing operations are focused on a broad spectrum of OEM and ODM cable assemblies , adapters, and electromechanical harnesses:

    USB & Firewire Cables
    Cell Phone Data Cables
    Audio, Video, DVI, HDMI, Toslink
    Infiniband Cables
    Gigabit Cable Assemblies, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6
    Industrial Ethernet Cables
    Robotics Cables
    Instrumentation / IEEE- 488 Assemblies
    Security/Access, CATV Cables
    Cellular/Wireless Antenna Cables
    Mobile Device Cables
    Fibre Channel assemblies
    Fiber Optic Patch Cables
    Twinax & Coaxial Cable Assemblies
    Telco & Hydra Cables
    V.35, RS530, RS449, X.21 Interface Cables
    MII, AUI Transceiver cables
    Internal & External SCSI Cables, LVD cables
    Automotive Harnesses
    Medical Equipment Cables
    T1 / E1, T3 /E3 Communications cables
    Power Cables, Flat power bus
    Specialty / Custom Specified Cables

Here are some of the reasons customers choose us for their cable assembly needs:

    Zero-Defects Quality Program
    Highest Quality Materials
    Advanced Tooling
    In-house Engineering & Prototyping
    Pre and Post Sale Technical Support 
    100% Product Guarantee
    Fast Turn Around


Experience Custom Cable Manufacturing at Its Best
Contact Us Today for Excellent Design, Novelty & Quality !

High Quality Cables & Computer Accessories and Parts at Competitive Prices
Best Margins for Dealers / Resellers

New: HDMI Extender up to 300m - More HDMI Extenders - HDMI Wholesale

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