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42U Server Cabinets - Industry Best

Spanish Version

300m HDMI Extender over Fiber Optics

HDMI Extenders, Cat6 HDMI Extenders, HDMI Repeaters, and more

Unbeatable Prices!
Fast Deliveries
HDMI Wholesale Available

About our Company

Our company is a wholesaler and distributor of computer accessories, cables, adapters, installation parts, cabling tools and testers, computer cleaning products, etc. We have a long tradition of innovation, quality and reliability at very competitive prices. Please see below some of our strengths:

Hotline for Wholesale Inquiries
Guaranteed Best Margins in the Industry for Selective Computer Accessories

Our company prides itself with a very friendly and prompt Hotline for wholesale and discount inquiries on new, discontinued and current lines of computer and network accessories. Our team is ready to answer your questions about the products, quality, warranties, consistency of supplies, delivery and most importantly, about the margins and discounts you can get for quantity orders. Whether you are a networking & computer products dealer, an educational institution, a government agency or a business, we have competitive solutions at competitive prices.

For our newest Computer Products Catalog please call us directly, or contact us by E-Mail. Every month we add reliable & innovative audio/video, networking & computer accessories, cabling tools and testers, copper and fiber optic patch cables, connectivity hardware, and a huge assortment of adapters and converters. Many of our cables have gold plated contacts for a superior quality.

Product Warranties
Our cables and adapters are manufactured to very high quality standards; there have been no compromises in their design and construction. To support this, all our cables and adapters, which do not contain electronic components, come with a 10 year warranty as standard. For the  Premium Gold Monitor Cables we offer an extended 25 year warranty.
Please call us for the waranties on all the other products.

Customer Service
Our Customer Service Team is ready to help you buy and find out more about our products. They'll inform you about current pricing and provide free written quotes. We accept orders by phone, fax, and through our Online Store. Credit terms, same day shipping and overnight delivery are available. Before you buy, please ask us about our discounts for quantity orders and about our specials / clearance / discontinued items. We are confident that, once you buy from us, you will want to buy more.

Overnight Delivery, Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery

Most of our products are in stock and ready to ship.
We'll ship your order the same day you call us. Our warehouse and distribution facility in US enables us to ship most of the catalog items in the same day. We ship via FedEx®, UPS®, or your own personal carrier.

We also have export capabilities.
Our strong cardboard packaging construction protects your products against punctures. We use cardboard boxes that fit the product, so that we minimize the freight costs. We also have superior void fill methods in order to minimize vibrations.

Contact Us Today for a Pleasant Experience!

High Quality Cables & Computer Accessories and Parts at Competitive Prices
Best Margins for Dealers / Resellers

New: HDMI Extender up to 300m - More HDMI Extenders - HDMI Wholesale

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